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Monday, June 13, 2011

Playlist June 2011

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues. Lest we thought they were kidding, more enduring vocals and ethereal musings in an Americana setting.

Emmylou HarrisHard Bargain. Filled with mainly intriguing personal originals, this set carries Ms. Harris more out front and almost rocking with the help of producer/guitarist Jay Joyce and multi-instrumentalist Giles Reaves.

Sondre Lerche Sondre Lerche. The Norwegian’s latest is a subtler version of his past few heavier outings, but hasn’t lost his sweet rolling melodies and ever-interesting arrangements.

Marc CohnListening Booth: 1970. On paper reworking hits from 1970 might sound frightening, but in execution, Mr. Cohn fully delivers original engaging takes on classics of the singer/songwriter era.

Bruce Cockburn Small Source of Comfort. After some 30 releases, it is amazing how effective and underrated Mr. Cockburn’s guitar playing remains. A true songwriting craftsman is at work here. The voice is as passionate as the content is intelligent and compelling.

Paul SimonSo Beautiful or So What. Simon’s world music explorations and back again bring dazzling effects to this inspired return to form.

Amos LeeMission Bell. A shadowy set filled with tight earnest songs with strong vocals and writing with guest star help from Lucinda Williams and Willie Nelson. Quiet and lean arrangements nearly hit the mark every time.

Bar Bocce in Sausalito

 A frenzied opening offered up the first glance of the excellent outdoor patio with fire pit and waterfront bocce court. Inside proved a bit loud and bright, but prompt service brought us acceptable wine selections (who chilled the red wines and why?). Local beers may be a better option. Carrot ginger soup was bold and spicy, excellent tender sautéed squid was blended with diced olives, peppers, olive oil and herbs. An intriguing crab pizza, not my first choice, was perfectly cooked with a wood-fired crispy crust and chewy on the inside. Sparse toppings are the style and didn’t disappoint, but doesn't make a meal on its own. Popularity of the outdoor areas for children now keeps many locals away. Limited menu. Moderate.